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Owner Dependence Index

Does your company "need" you?

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As a business owner who may be thinking about a future transition, wouldn’t you like to know you how ‘dependent’ your company is on you?

One of the first steps toward increasing your company’s value is measuring and managing your level of involvement in running your business. The Owner Dependence Index™ (ODI™) Report is an important diagnostic tool to help you see how dependent your company is on you. This short, twenty minute assessment will ask forty (40) questions about your involvement with your business as a step towards measuring your business’s dependence on you, and ultimately how to increase your business’s value.

The ODI™ Report will assess your company’s Owner Dependence in several critical areas, including: Owner Involvement, Internal Operations, Strategy and Planning, Governance and Ownership, Financial Matters, Performance Management, Sales and Business Development, and Company Culture

When you are done answering the forty (40) questions, a six (6) page, detailed ODI™ Owner’s Report will be sent to you via e-mail (NOTE, if you want this report to avoid workplace e-mails where others track and monitor your traffic, you may choose a personal e-mail address to receive your Report).

The answers will only be shared with us if you select the box on the initial page. All of your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of our business. If you want to continue the conversation, one of our Business Transition Consultants can make themselves available to share with you an additional ODI™ Exit Options Report that accompanies the Owner’s Report.

As advocates who help business owners achieve successful exits, we wish you the best of luck and offer our experienced guidance when you are ready.

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Measuring and managing your direct involvement in the business is a critical first step toward creating more value in your business. The ODI™ Report will provide the basis for discussion and analysis of your options for achieving a lower level of owner dependency, which may ultimately impact the transferability and value of your business, as well as the timing of your exit and even the exit options available to you.