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Fireworks are Nice But, How Is Your 'Independence' Doing? (Archived)

Fireworks are Nice But, How Is Your 'Independence' Doing? (Archived)

July 12, 2021

There has been considerable discussion about the origin of America’s birth and the duplicity of words written to declare the independence we bravely fought for. To be free from government tyranny and free to control one’s destiny was enough to call a budding nation to arms.  The rest is, as they say…history.

245 years later, reasonable minds would agree that America has yet to adapt or capitulate to the reality that the independence the founders demanded for themselves was being denied and withheld by them against others in their parish. 

According to the Library of Congress, “July 4th marks the day in 1776 when the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, signaling the official separation of the 13 original colonies from Great Britain amid the Revolutionary War.”  Now of course, July 4th is considered America’s birthday…hence the celebration, the 3-day weekend, fireworks and of course, the obligatory retail “sales-a-thon” of consumer goods you want way more than you need. 

Seriously though, with the plight of the indigenous nations and the re-insurgence of hate groups across America, what we now call “Independence Day” would be a hard subject to reconcile in a few words, so I won’t attempt that here.  From my perspective, the “4th never truly resonated in certain segments of our society.  In fact, beyond the smoke of BBQ grills or the warlike presentation of fireworks in the darkened sky, the deliverable of America’s promise is still a work in progress for a growing part of our population. In other words, the celebration is more “Pomp” and less “Circumstance”…if you know what I mean.

But It’s OK

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to escape the madness and just enjoy a day off for any reason.  Especially after the year we had.  Everyone has been negatively affected in some way by the Covid-19 pandemic. Lost lives, jobs and opportunities certainly has taken a toll on our physical and mental well-being. If lighting up the grill, grabbing a hot dog and watching the fireworks bring some relief to a traumatized nation, I’m all for it!

Be Your Own Independence

Until the nation comes together to accept and resolve some of the intricacies and historical realities of our complicated but clearly understandable past, each of us will have to internalize and personalize a plan to create our own independence.  An autonomy philosophy to think and feel, learn and practice.  Ultimately, to teach, cultivate and demonstrate personal freedom, much like was done back in 1776.

Where Do You Start?

Start at home.  Identify your priorities; your people, places or the intellectual capital that exists in all families. Talk to a professional to help you develop a plan to secure and protect them.   Then use federal holidays like July 4th, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day each year to determine progress toward your independence objective.  All the while, remembering our forefathers, who trusted in us good stewardship of their hard work and sacrifice.

We dare not gamble with this precious cargo or be cavalier with hard earned gains through countless years.  Tomorrow is not promised if we are not mindful of the fragility of America’s novel approach to a free and capitalistic society.

Let these holidays challenge us to seed the soil of prosperity and independence, not just for a season, but for the reason of sustaining the family and the cultural legacies that are critical to the survival of a people.

See the promise envisioned.  Be the promised delivered.

It’s Your Life, Plan For It


Eric Bailey

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