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March is Women’s History Month (Archived)

March is Women’s History Month (Archived)

March 01, 2019

Let’s face it, women are the backbone of society.   They are often the first to sacrifice for family and most times, the last to reap the benefits of their hard work.   They are up early in the morning helping kids and others start the day and after shepherding loved ones to bed, are last to end the day with little to no fanfare. I know this is not true for all women. Especially now.  Their priceless efforts and unselfish contributions have gone beyond family and no longer a notion to be taken for granted.

Society is reaping the benefits of women by utilizing the emotional, educational, entrepreneurial and revolutionary spirit of women from all walks of life to achieve new heights in everything from scientific and medical advancements to innovations in business operations.  They are known for championing principles of fairmindedness and economically sound government policy.  Today’s United States Congress has the largest representation of women in our Nation’s history and the forecast for even greater works by this august group of women representatives has this country poised for remarkable advances in human rights and fairness doctrines that can affect the world. 

Apropos for this discussion of women’s history is the history of women healthcare. Perhaps this issue will be given more prominence going forward.  I hope so.  In particular, long-term care for women.  Why?  Because when it comes to long-term care and planning for the family’s future, women are faced with unique challenges.

According to research “…women live longer than men, and in our society, they often take the lead in caring for and managing family life.  It’s no surprise that women are more likely than men to become a caregiver if someone close to them needs it.”  The fact is 66% of all family caregivers are female.  If you are not ready for the task, it can break you both emotionally and financially.  It can literally wipe out decades of financial savings. 

In recognition of Women’s History month, I will be posting a series of articles and factoids that deal with the importance of families incorporating long-term care provisions as a part of their overall financial planning strategy.  There are plenty of options out there.  The key is to understand what works best for your needs and how that insurance instrument can insulate you from the typical emotional and financial devastation long-term disability or illness can cause.

Talk to your financial planner today. Find out what you can do to protect yourself and the important people in your life.