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Retire Happy: Easier Said Than Done (Archived)

December 03, 2021

Retirement can be a happy storybook ending but like anything worthwhile, it takes some planning to get there.  You wouldn’t pack up the family, show up at the airport, and at that point, begin deliberating on your destination.  Of course not. That would be quite a scene.  Instead, you would do the research, talk with family, determine what the priorities are, agree upon realistic timeframes, identify a budget, check available airlines and hotels, etc. 

Unfortunately, too many folks approach retirement like a vacation that is controlled by someone else. They question whether their employment will continue, or the sustainably of their business, or of course, the health and stability of the family unit in general.

These are all valid and very important considerations that can and should be addressed in preparation for a well-deserved and customized retirement journey. The question shouldn’t be if you retire, but how and when you retire in a fashion and condition that you actively planned for.  We all deserve nothing less.

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It’s Your Life…Plan for it.


Eric Bailey, CFP

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