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September is More than the End of Summer (Archived)

September is More than the End of Summer (Archived)

September 11, 2019

As I pondered the subject of September’s blog, I curiously wanted to focus on something less obvious than Labor Day. Of course, Labor Day would have been easy to pontificate with all the clichés associated with the end of summer, as we all reluctantly but boldly confront another cycle of relentless months of hard work and sacrifice.

In the pursuit of securing “the good life” for our families, Americans have come to accept September as the end of a perceived vacation season in America and the beginning of another long “bump and grind.” reports that a third of Americans work 45 hours a week and 9.7 million work more than 60 hours. At least 134 countries have laws setting the maximum length of the work week while the U.S. does not.

Though most Baby Boomers are perfectly comfortable celebrating Labor Day, savoring an ice-cold beer and an extra burger on the grill, many Millennials buck that trend. They leave the occasion hungry because they opt instead for a Veggie burger and a lightly chilled spritzer. As a generation armed with new attitudes, technology, flexibility and opportunities, they demand something very different, something that most Boomers haven’t considered. reports that Millennials don't view climbing the corporate ladder or owning tangible items (job title, house, salary, car, and the like) as success. According to the 2016 Millennial Survey by Deloitte, “16.8% of Millennials evaluate career opportunities by good work-life balance, followed by 13.4% who look for opportunities to progress and 11% who seek flexibility (i.e., remote working and flexible hours). For many Millennials, success is having control over how and when they work and accumulating various life experiences, both of which are enabled by a better work-life balance.”

As a financial advisor, I serve both Baby Boomers, Gen X’s and Millennials alike. In fact, most of them are within the same family that I’ve worked with over decades. I’ve witnessed the dreams of hardworking grandparents and parents, materialize before their eyes, and now their sons and daughters are budding doctors and lawyers with children on the way and new pursuits of financial goals.

The hard labor of family matriarchs and patriarchs can extend for generations, but everyone has to see the big picture. Generational wealth and financial security can be achieved when families evaluate their wants, examine needs, establish long-term objectives and work together with an experienced advisor. In my practice, we encourage “Sustainable Wealth” principles in support of establishing financial legacies.

September is Key

At BWA, September begins our time to look ahead. We host “Annual Family Meetings” that bring together stakeholders, benefactors and beneficiaries to communicate financial objectives. We review plans with adjustments based on market conditions, new opportunities, career changes, new births, etc.,

In the end, multiple generations understand their part in achieving the financial objectives they have subscribed to. Goals become tangible as individual expectations begin to have value and purpose.

The process brings folk together in recognition that their future is no accident but instead a conscious effort of years of hard work and thoughtful planning. It has become a welcomed tradition with our clients. We don’t do it on Labor Day, but the result is a Labor of Love.  

Find a Certified Financial Advisor™ Professional who will do this for you. If you would like to hear more about our approach, give me a call.

It’s your life, Plan for It.


Eric Bailey CFP®

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