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Sweet Dreams for Summer Night (Archived)

Sweet Dreams for Summer Night (Archived)

June 14, 2019

Nearly a year ago today, I wrote a blog about how the uncertainty of external events played a role in our psyche as well as our pocketbooks.  I’m sure I was reflecting on the political environment created by a new White House, and predictions for a changing economy and tax laws that would benefit some and hurt others.  Certainly, in 2017 there were also devastating effects from natural disasters and terrorist attacks worldwide that were on my mind.


Today, not much has changed. I remember saying “We can’t control who is elected or the laws they will pass. We can’t control earthquakes, interest rates, tsunamis, or acts of terror.  So, depending on your state of mind and circumstances, it’s either a dream or a nightmare.”  Hence the title “Sweet Dreams for a Summer Night.” 


I believe one of the most important tasks I have as a seasoned, certified financial planner is the examination of what a person can control. Working with a financial advisor, you can control your portfolio allocation and investment to balance financial risk with retirement goals.  By doing so, you’re preparing to achieve a level of comfort when reacting to the many uncontrollable external events and the media coverage it generates. All that noise can keep you up at night:


  • How does the new tax law effect you?
  • Are we at the end of the economic boom and what does that mean for my retirement?
  • Do I have a plan that accounts for things not in my control?


It’s analogous to having a roadmap that identifies best routes to your destination. You want to get there fast, avoid unnecessary tolls, establish safe points where you can rest or recalculate your destination.   This is a proactive philosophy that gives you financial security along the way.


In the end, these seemingly simple tactics can make a big difference.  For many people, the months and years ahead may bring more challenges than opportunities. Fortunately, that equation can be reversed with a bit of discipline and planning.  The key is to focus on step one, a strategic financial plan you can control.


Assuring my family and clients alike, are positioned to meet those challenges and opportunities is how I sleep comfortably.  On a hot night I feel, “as cool as the other side of the pillow”.  If you want a good night’s sleep, talk to your financial advisor today.  If you don’t have one, find a certified financial planner you can trust with your goals.


It’s your life, plan for it.





Eric D. Bailey, CFP®

Bailey Wealth Advisors


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