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THE TRUTH ABOUT AGING STINGS... (but it doesn't have too.) (Archived)

THE TRUTH ABOUT AGING STINGS... (but it doesn't have too.) (Archived)

September 30, 2016

THE TRUTH ABOUT AGING STINGS....(but it doesn't have too.)

The growth, integration and protection of your financial assets are the key objectives for most Americans.

Essential to your asset protection plan is the consideration of the impact of aging and/or loss of physical resources.

The fact is we’re living longer than ever and as you get older, there’s a chance you’ll need help with life’s daily activities.  The truth certainly stings. More than 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will need long-term care services at some point in their lives.* 

 What is your biggest concern?

  • Ensuring you won’t have to be a burden on your family? 
  • Staying in your home as long as possible? 
  • Protecting your retirement nest egg? 

The connections you have with family members may be impacted when a spouse or child must take on the role of caregiver.

The connection you have to your home may dissolve when you can no longer manage them by yourself.

Are your hard-earned retirement income dollars protected? If you were to incur a catastrophic loss and be in need of long-term care assistance, do you have the coverage to pay for that assistance? If not, your retirement dollars could be reduced rapidly if you or a family member were in need of long-term care.

A long-term care insurance policy will help protect what’s most important to you; your family, remaining in your home, and your retirement nest egg. It provides benefits for covered long-term care services to help you pay for the care you need and deserve. 

The time to protect your retirement income and independence is now! The cost of waiting can be significant.

Call our office today for a complimentary initial consultation. Let us determine the next steps towards a sense of security for you, your family, your nest egg.