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Whose Turn Is It? “National Woman’s History Month” (Archived)

Whose Turn Is It? “National Woman’s History Month” (Archived)

March 08, 2021

An important new month is upon us.  As the chill of winter diminishes each day and the sun lingers a bit longer, we are reminded that this is National Woman’s History month.  Yet another opportunity to “celebrate” someone or recognize a certain segment of society.  I’m a fan of celebrating important people, places and things and I appreciate that in a busy, complicated and sometimes scary world, pausing to reflect on our history is not just a nice thing we do, but indeed a necessity.

A national celebration is a way to recognize triumph and failure in society.  It is not simply the result of serendipity or by unwarranted circumstance alone.  They are a biproduct of Individual convictions vs societal norms, brazened ingenuity vs muted solutions, human rights vs civil wrongs.  In the end, these intellectual, physical and cultural battles become historically significant and as opposed to simply celebrating them, we need to study and reference them in meaningful and purposeful ways to show us the path to a greater future.

Women Are the Key

Even as we study the fabric of our democracy, we can recognize the success of women that helped this country grow while they bore the nation’s children, ran family farms and businesses and became some of the first millionaire entrepreneurs in a young nation’s history.   At the same time, women withstood the burdens of multiple wars, marched for voting rights and equal pay, endured the sufferings of several failed economies, witnessed unspeakable cruelties, government bureaucracies, misogynistic policies and double standards.  Google “Women History” with any of these subheadings and you’ll find a plethora of fascinating and uplifting material.

It’s Your Turn

There is no segment of American society that encompass a broader swath of interrelated and interconnected individuals known to affect the success of our nation like that of the American woman. Their imprint on every facet of our daily lives are critically obvious but rarely credited with equal vigor.   God knows there is no “us” in the U.S. without our female better halves.

The fact that some of the unfair policies and attitudes towards women still exists today is a sign that we have more to do if we are to reach full potential.  I encourage you to recognize this month not only for what was done by women, but what can be done by you as a result of their work and sacrifice.  Passing on the legacy of your hard work, being better stewards of the blessing that have been stored in your proverbial “storehouse” is equivalent to generations of families doing domestic work or buying plots to farm or storefronts to sell goods and services.  Believe me, it wasn’t a get rich quick scheme.  It was a long-term investment in you, driven by hope and desire for the closest thing they saw as true freedom.

Today they call it “Empowerment”

At BWA, we cater to that same wide swath of people and organizations that have benefited from the sacrifice of women and others who accepted no boundaries in pursuit of the American dream and the empowerment that comes with financial independence.   Let that be our marching orders today and everyday forward!

It’s Your Life, Plan for it

Eric D. Bailey

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