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Help during each phase of your business

Client Centered

Through hard work and perseverance, you've taken a vision and turned it into reality. You've built a successful business. You've created wealth.

Bailey Wealth Advisors provides pragmatic strategies to help grow and protect your business, while potentially maximizing its value – which can better position you to accomplish personal, financial and estate preservation goals. 

Our Business Intelligence Specialists are a select team of top-tier financial planning professionals. We offer planning-based, outcome-oriented solutions that answer business owners’ critical questions: 

"How can I grow and protect my business?"

Your business probably represents your greatest asset and your primary source of wealth. Now, let’s develop a plan that positions your business for growth and prosperity for generations to come.

"How do I attract and retain top talent?"

With the right executive compensation plan, you’ll be able to effectively reward superior performance, provide valuable incentives, and attract and retain top talent – whether it’s one or more key persons, or a select group of executives.

"What is my business (really) worth?"

It is nearly impossible to begin meaningful business and personal financial planning without an understanding of what your business is truly worth. Just as important, is a thorough understanding of your personal financial goals – and what it will take to reach them.

"How do I tap the wealth in my company?"

Financial security depends on converting your business assets to cash in the most tax-advantaged manner. Your Business Intelligence Specialist can assist in potentially maximizing the sale of your company and also provide access to capital if further investment is needed to improve its value.

"Who'll take the reins?"

Deciding when and how to transfer your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your Business Intelligence Specialist will walk you through the wide variety of succession paths and help you structure the most efficient transfer.

Solutions as unique as you are

Business Owner Planning & Advice

There is no “one size fits all” approach to structuring and operating a successful business. Issues of capital structure, tax reduction and entity selection interact uniquely with your own goals and vision. The challenge is to develop a plan that maximizes your company’s value today – and tomorrow.

  • Entity Selection
  • Business Assessment
  • Equity and Synthetic Equity Planning
  • Business Value Estimate
  • Growth and "Shock Absorber" Capital
  • Tax Minimization

Executive Compensation

Compensation is more than just a paycheck. Together, we’ll explore the wide variety of taxable, non-taxable and deferred compensation plans available for key non-owner executives and managers. Ultimately, the right plan has the potential to help attract and retain top talent, increase business value, and ensure business continuity.

  • Long Term Performance Awards
  • Key Employee Protection
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Owner’s Protection
  • Equity/Synthetic Equity Compensation
  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

Corporate Retirement Plans & Benefits

Implementing a retirement plan for your business can be uncharted territory. We’ll guide you in selecting and implementing a tax-effective retirement plan that benefits both owners and employees, while complying with increasingly complex regulations.

  • 401(k) Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plan
  • Profit Sharing
  • Retirement Income Analysis
  • Pension Plans
  • Group Insurance

Exit & Succession Planning

Owning a successful business is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a means to an end. We will work with you one-on-one to help protect and preserve the wealth contained in your business – and create a strategy to capitalize on that wealth on your terms, while passing on assets and management control from one generation to the next.

  • Buy-Sell Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions*
  • Cash Flow and Buyout Capital*
  • Family Transfers
  • Exit Planning & Sales to Outside Parties*

*Offered through 3rd party unaffiliated resources

A fully integrated approach

A fully integrated approach

Clear, understandable guidance. We listen carefully, analyze fully and then provide recommendations that are relevant, timely and – above all – understandable.

Custom solutions. We provide confidential, highly customized solutions that emphasize you and your needs – not a pre-packaged set of solutions or ideas.

Coordinated services. Our work both supplements and coordinates the services of your existing team of specialists, such as a trusted attorney, accountant or board of advisers. In addition, your Business Intelligence Specialist is experienced in marshalling the resources of a nationwide network of investment banking, M&A and other technical specialists.

An ongoing relationship. Business owner planning is not a static event. Your strategies are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain consistent with your long-term objectives and are aligned with our changing world. Through it all, we keep you at the center of the process. We are your advocate.

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