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LITERACY TO LEGACY: Empowering the Church to Lead Financially in the 21st Century


Empowering the Church to Lead Financially in the 21st Century

Today, the Black Church has an unprecedented financial responsibility to help people create a life legacy, which can assure the financial viability of their congregations as well as the future sustainability of the church institution itself.  Part of that responsibility comes from the notion that the church is properly structured for continued growth and organized to support an eternal mission that is driven by faith.

That said, our research shows alarming statistical evidence that without some financial education and direction, the Black Church may not survive the increasing economic demands exacerbated by, among other things, aging congregations or pew migration to alternative disciplines. 

Couple those concerns with the specific factors of:

  • Declining Revenues - due to diminishing resources and competing priorities


  • Increased Expenses – caused by aging facilities, long term maintenance costs, administrative support, new program requirements and supplies


  • Changing Demographics – relocation of people, communities and resources that served to support the church and its mission


  • New Tax Law of 2018 – new deterrent for itemized deductions that offset some of the financial benefits for charitable donations and gifts.

  • Rising Member Needs – Increased benevolence cost for food, shelter, healthcare, funeral and interment services in support of the congregation.

At BWA, we work with church leadership and congregations alike to teach, motivate and activate the resources necessary to foster individual and organizational financial independence via sustainable wealth strategies, principles and stewardship.



At Bailey Wealth Advisors we work with church leadership to meet its financial goals by activating strategic, proactive and proven principles for growth in endowments that support church operations, services and ministries. 



We guide you through an advanced set of strategies to enhance the church’s ability to:

  • Maximize untapped financial and human capital available to the church

  • Engage your congregation with the financial literary principles of “Enlightened Philanthropy” that facilitate family and community legacies

  • Create a financially sustainable church for coming generations.

HOW DOES THAT WORK? – A Two Step Approach

(Step One) 

We conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis and in concert with the leadership team, develop an action plan with 1st and 2nd level priorities.   

1. Leadership Team - Asset Valuation and Revenue Projection

  • Confirm the church’s goals and objectives in 10, 25 & 50+ year intervals


  • Determine if present projected resources are sufficient to fund current and future operations.


  • Evaluate current investment strategy in relation to your objectives and risk tolerances.


  • Develop a cash flow model to anticipate future cash flow needs


  • Identify the capacity for future wealth accumulation such as formulation of endowment programs, bequest planning and other instruments of financial stewardship


  • Finally, customize and recommend a comprehensive and specific plan to produce the revenue streams that serve the church’s needs.

“The stewardship studies of congregations reveal that in every congregation with forty giving units, one in that forty has the capacity to give as much as the other thirty-nine combined. Secondly, since death is still universal, and since we all die with something tangible we leave to others, the church supported in our life time could be supported in our last Will and Testament.”

Robert W. Bohl Pastor – Village Presbyterian Church

(Step Two) 

We serve to engage and activate all church stake-holders, including the congregation and community at-large.  Ultimately, the goal is to leave no interested parties behind during the fulfillment of the church mission and vision.

2. Literacy to Legacy Workshop(s) - Congregation & Community Involvement

Literacy to Literacy is a BWA program designed to educate workshop attendees on the virtues of creating “Sustainable Wealth” for individuals, families and community Institutions.  It focuses on the laws and ethical principles that encourage financial independence in America. 

Research shows that people that care about their church, are certain that their gifts will be used as designated, and understand financial tools used to facilitate the transaction, are cheerful givers.  These givers are likely to give not only now but beyond their lifetime.

Workshop Participants will learn the value of:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Lead trusts
  • Charitable Remainder trusts
  • Charitable Giving through Life Insurance
  • The giving of highly appreciated assets (stock and real estate)
  • The donation of deferred tax programs: IRA's, 401K plans, cash value in life insurance policies.
  • And more….

How Do I Qualify My Church For A Complimentary Consultation?

Contact Bailey Wealth Advisors today. We will arrange time for you to meet with one of our advisors.  We want to hear about your church and its mission and welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.

Ask for Kevin Johnson, Director of Communications 

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