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Estate Planning


At Bailey Wealth Advisors, we believe estate planning means wealth preservation. Our goal is to help provide you with financial security for life and to maximize the financial priorities you have for your family and heirs. To fully leverage estate preservation opportunities and develop strategies to help achieve the family’s objectives, we consider:

  • Will and trust design strategies for the most efficient distribution, management, administration and taxation of your assets
  • Property ownership alternatives, including the review and coordination of titling and beneficiaries
  • Estate tax reduction techniques
  • Insurance analysis
  • Qualified plan distribution alternatives
  • Family-gifting strategies
  • Charitable planning
  • Employee stock options

Under current law, the Parameters of the Estate, Gift and GST Taxes for 2013:

*The exemption, which was $10,000 in 1998, is indexed for inflation in $1,000 increments.